External Battery Extension Pack 48V 10Ah Panasonic

$550.00 SGD $450.00 SGD

LTA Compliant External Battery Pack for Range Extension

A durable and splash resistant extension battery pack that can be added onto any scooter with 48V battery. The 48V 10Ah Panasonic battery adds a significant amount of range to your original scooter, ranging from 20km to 45km. The additional range depends on your scooter's motor power, weight, rider weight and riding conditions.

The external battery extension pack can be mounted directly onto your scooter deck, or put into your own handle bar bag or rear mounted basket. A convenient LCD display on the extension pack toggles between a battery indicator and voltage reading.

We will install the extension pack for your onto your scooter. After it is installed, you can easily switch between your onboard battery and the extension pack using a switch. When switched to the extension battery pack, the battery level will be displayed on your scooter's original LCD display (this may not be possible on all models). A spring-loaded charging port dust cover helps to protect the unit against dust and moisture.

To charge the extension battery pack, simply connect your original charger to the charging port of the extension battery pack. A complimentary cable adapter is included.

After installation, it can be easily detached simply by unplugging a single cable from the charging port.

The External Battery Extension Pack includes:

  • 48V 10ah Panasonic battery housed in a splash-resistant housing
  • a switch for switching between your electric scooter's original onboard battery and the extension pack
  • an adapter cable to allow you to use your original charger to charge the extension pack
  • cables to connect the battery pack to your electric scooter
  • includes complimentary installation