ZERO 10X Battery Storage Box

$65.00 SGD

Waterproof Storage Battery Box for ZERO 10X

***WARNING. Some Drilling is required into the frame as part of the installation***

Want to get more distance per charge from your ZERO 10X electric scooter? We now have an external battery storage box available for you to 2x your travel distance with your e-scooter. 

IT is 100% waterproof so you are guaranteed not to get any water ingress into the external battery storage box keeping your battery compartment or contents safe and dry. For security, you can use a padlock to lock up this storage box in case you need to leave your e-scooter unattended.


  1. Weight limit of 7kg so ensure the stored contents do not exceed the weight limit. 
  2. Not for off-road use. Only for urban usage. Our road tests has indicated the brackets are good for urban usage. 
  3. Volume 30L
  4. Outer dimension 274mm (L) x 225mm (W) x 163mm (H)
  5. Inner dimension 250mm (L) x 180mm (W) x 120+25mm (H) 

Inclusions and Exclusions:

  1. Waterproof Battery Storage Box (Only Black box available)
  2. Optional aluminium brackets sold separately (+$65) with M6 screws
  3. Optional Battery Indicator mounted on the box (+$32)
  4. Optional Padlock for Box (not provided)
  5. Optional Wire harness (+$29)

Installation Options

The battery can be mounted easily onto the rear bracket listed. If you need a charging port, do let us know and we can install it for you for free.

To install the mounting brackets, we require that the rear fender of the ZERO 10X be removed and the existing screw holes for the rear fender be enlarged from M4 to M6 threaded holes.

This will require some installation skills on the buyer. Please do not purchase if you are not comfortable with it and unable to seek technical help close to you.