Emicro One Hybrid E-Scooter

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Emicro One - Kick-Assist Electric Scooter

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The emicro one is the first kick assist electric scooter from emicro one.

The powerful motor only starts when a certain speed is reached, and the rider can influence the support of the motor with his own body. As well as the speed, the intensity of the support can also be regulated. The range of the scooter is approx. 10 – 15 kilometers.

The experience of riding the e-micro one scooter is a hybrid one – using the power of the electric motor and your own kick/push power. This means you use a kick motion to start the electric motor. The emicro one comes with a remote to toggle between different speed mode, choose from Eco, Standard and Sports modes. The programs limit the maximum speed of the support and the maximum power of the motor.

Every time you push or use a kick movement the speed of the scooter’s electric power will increase. Unlike other electric scooters the emicro does not have a throttle to power the scooter. 

Weighing only 7.5kg (16lbs) the emicro one is the most lightweight and compact electric scooter in the world. Emicro one is perfect for last-mile solution and easy.

Designed in Switzerland, the brushless DC motor is custom-filled inside the back wheel hub. Due to its small size and resultant high rotation speed the motor can produce enormous power of 500 watts and register torque of 4 newton metres. 


Model Emicro One
Weight 7.5kg
Range 10-15km
Charging Time 60 mins
Wheel Size 150mm Front 120mm Rear solid tyre
Maximum Weight 100kg
Top Speed 25km/h
Battery 36V 2.2AH TSA Compliant 
2 years limited Warranty - 1 year for battery