EcoRider Mark 3 E-Scooter [Self Balancing Seated Electric Scooter]

$2,300.00 SGD

EcoRider Mark 3

This product is for sale to customers outside Singapore only. As it is not compliant to the UL2272 requirements in Singapore.

EcoRider Mark 3 Self Balancing Seated Electric Scooter

The Mark 3 was made with two simple concepts in mind, to provide a convenient as well as a pleasant journey for the user to and from their destination. Its design is compact and elegant, allowing the user to blend into the crowd seamlessly.

However, its most outstanding feature is that it includes a seat option. Allowing the user to either sit atop while cruising making their journey less weary, or stand and be ever vigilant. The Mark 3 only takes 5 minutes to learn due to the self-balancing gyroscope and turning can be easily done using the steering handle that is positioned right in front of you when seated.

The Mark 3 also includes a mobile application which grants the additional user features such as the “Follow Me” option. This allows the machine to track and follow your phone via blue-tooth. Making your journeys with it seamless and hands-free.

The Mark 3 eases as well as aids your journeys. Whether you require a sit, want to stand or decide that you want neither, the Mark 3 allows for all your requests to be fulfilled. 

Due to the speed limit and the ease of use the Mark 3 can also be used as a mobility scooter for seniors or people with mobility impairment.


Range 18km
Max speed 15km/h
Max Load 100kg
Charging time 3-4 hours
Ground Clearance 79mm
Gradient 15 degrees
Tires 12" Tubeless Non-pneumatic tires
Battery Lithium ion 48V/4AH
IP Rating IP65
Net weight 17kg
Warranty 1 Year Limited Electrical Warranty