Cruiser Hybrid E-Scooter

$699.00 SGD

LTA Compliant Badge

What is the Cruiser hybrid? 

Its for those who yearn more from their kick scooters. Its for the daring ones who desire the fun of an electrified machine without messy controls. Its for those who want to kick when they feel like it, and cruise when they don't. The Cruiser is a sensory machine, it senses when the brakes are applied and cuts off power. When the brakes are released, the Cruiser is smart enough to accelerate to the last cruising speed.

Basic Model

The cheapest electric scooter in our range, the Basic Cruiser Model exists in a pure cruise or kick mode. It activates/turns on by pure kicking motion. The brakes are activated purely by stepping on the fender brake at the rear.

EX Model

The EX model has full Zoom Air controls with throttle and brake. Unlike the front wheel drive Zoom Air 2, the Cruiser is a rear wheel drive version of the Zoom Air 2 and much lighter at 7.6 kg. It has electronically activated brakes and also step fender brakes. It comes with a fully integrated LCD display with speedometer, battery indicator AND integrated headlights and horn. 


 Watch how the Cruiser works:


*Please note that neither the Cruiser Basic or EX models are waterproof or splash proof

Detailed Specifications

Transmission 36V 6 inch Hub motor
Battery 36V Samsung Li-Ion 
Weight 7.6 kg (both basic and EX models)
Charge time 3-4 hrs for full charge  
Top Speed Configurable between 9km/h, 18km/h and 25km/h
Top Range 20-25km for 4.8AH battery
Braking System Electronic Step Brake (regenerative electronic throttle FRONT brake and manual step brake for the EX model)
Tires 6 inch hard rubber front and rear
Climbing Ability 10-15 deg
Warranty Limited 6 month warranty on electronics