GoPed PPV E-Scooter

$7,700.00 SGD

Non LTA Compliant Scooter


The GoPed PPV (Portable Patrolling Vehicle) is the most powerful and rugged electric scooter on the market.

It has an incredible speed (up to 60KM/H), traveling range, and hill climbing ability and can travel up to 45km on one charge.

The PPV was developed by Go-Ped’s Tactical Division for use by Military, Police and Rescue forces, it is also available to the general public. The Go-Ped PPV is an enhanced version of their top of the line ESR750H Hoverboard electric scooter.

For the first time the world has a very high performance light weight electric vehicle that will outperform all other traditional one man patrolling devices such as bicycles, “Personal Transporters”, and even horses.

This ultimate scooter weighs in at 28KG and is still compact enough to store in the trunk of a a car or police cruiser.

The Detailed Story behind the PPV Scooter

The PPV premiers with some very special feature combinations.

It’s power plant, designed for this application by Race Systems of California and fondly known as the “Torkinator” gets much of it’s amazing power and efficiency from very powerful Neodymium magnets and can supply up to 7 HP in short acceleration bursts.

It’s power source comes from the very successful Go-Ped Group of Companies proprietary 32 Amp/Hr Lithium-Ion Polymer battery pack.

Power output is controlled by the venerable and fully “GoPrammable” 200amp@30V output Go-Ped Group of Companies controller and battery condition monitoring “Flux Capacitor” throttle system. The battery pack, controller, 2.5amp on board charger, and wireless remote “GoKey’ receiver are housed within an elegant one piece water resistant aluminum heat sink housing topped by a sleek and grip-taped Go-Ped logo on the “deck”.

As the PPV’s top speed is approx 50 KM/H, it features a high strength racing style handlebar for improved control with ample room for lights, siren and other desired attachments.

The all important stopping power and control is excellent with twin brake lever operated front and rear stainless steel disc brakes featuring 5 way adjustable “Mad Dog” brake calipers and wave style rotors. Secure ground contact is through race proven Kenda 671 high performance 10″ tube type tires with black ultra light high impact polymer rims as standard equipment.

The PPV, a variant of the very successful “Hoverboard” ESR electric GoPed scooter, has race proven yet maintenance free front and rear patented “Kanti-Link” (CIDLI) suspension to smooth out curb drop offs and rough street conditions.

Additional mentionable details include folding lock tube clamp, taller kickstand, security lock loop, fully suspended aluminum Topeak cargo rack over rear wheel with 6 liter “quick snap” Topeak trunk bag, two wireless remote “GoKeys”, and a 6 amp battery conditioning “off board” smart charger. All standard equipment.

Comes in Black Color. Fleet colors are available (sample shown) upon request. *Lead time of 2 Months.


32 Amp Hour LIPO 25 km Turbo / 45 km Econo 28 kg
9 Amp Hour SEALED LEAD ACID 8 km Turbo / 13 km Econo 12.7 kg
GoPED ESR750H 16 Amp Hour LIPO 21 km Turbo / 32.2 km Econo 14.1 kg