ZERO 10X Motor

$190.00 SGD

ZERO 10X Motor 1000W/1200W

60V and 52V 1000W / 1200W motor (without tyre and tube) for ZERO 10X. These are for the 52V or 60V ZERO 10X versions. 

**UPDATE: The new ZERO 10X motors are now interchangeable between the 52V and 60V versions.

These motors come with 3 phase wires and 5 hall sensor wires. And we do have replacement motor cables/wires and rims so you do not need to replace the whole motor if it is damaged. 

The front motor and rear motor have different length of wires so do specify if the motor you are looking for is for the front or rear.

Tubes and Tires not included. 

If you are buying a motor to replace a broken one, do check out our motor repair video to see if you can save some money and try to repair it.

We have a useful guide on how to repair your motor in case you feel there is any resistance in your motor: 

And if you plan to ride during rain or through the winter, here is a guide on how to winterize (or weatherproof) your motor: