The Black Sheep of our E-Scooter Community

What Not To Do As an E-Scooter Rider In this article, we would like to feature some of the mind boggling, image tarnishing stuff that some e-scooter riders in our community are doing. These are the absolute minority but they are giving the majority a bad name. E-Scooters by regulation need to fall within the ...
Confessions of a Scooterholic
Alex Perez

Confessions of a Scooterholic

Welcome to Sgscooters’ safe riding campaign! With new PMD and electric scooter regulations in place, SgScooters will be doing a blog series to promote safe and responsible riding of electric scooters. Today we feature 20 year old Clifford who was an early adopter of electric scooters. He’s been using it as his main mode of transport ...

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