ZERO Electric Scooter Motor Cable

$28.00 SGD

ZERO Motor Cable for ZERO 8, 9, 10, 10X, 8X

ZERO 9 motor cable is different so do order carefully. The ZERO 9 motor cable is a waterproof plug connector with 8 wires.

If you need the ZERO 8 cable, do let us know by email

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ZERO 8X, 10X Motor Cable Harness to connect the controller to the motor. There are 3 phase wires, 3 hall sensor wires and power and ground wire. The phase wires connects to the controller via a 3 pin triangle XT60 connector.

ERROR Code Resolution

Normally, we will have to change the motor cable to fix error code 7. The video below does not show you how to install the motor cable, but it will show you how to diagnose for the Error code. 

    If you experience any ERROR message on your ZERO LCD display, do check out the video below on how to decipher and resolve the errors. We show how to resolve the most common error codes below: