ZERO 10X 52V 60V Controller

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ZERO 10X 52V 60V Controller

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How do you tell if your ZERO Controller is faulty? There are many ways but the controller needs to be changed when an ERROR code appears on the LCD screen. Here are a few ways to diagnose a faulty controller as shown in the video below:


  • 52V 1000-1200W controller
  • 25A-30A discharge current
  • Cutoff Voltage of 42V/52V
  • Encased in an Aluminum heat sink
  • Suitable for ZERO 10X e-scooter

The ZERO 10X controller is a 52V 25A or 60V 30A controller set. You have to determine whether you have a front and/or rear controller fault.

Here is how to diagnose whether it is a front and rear controller issue: