ZERO 10X Charger 52V & 60V Charger

ZERO 10X Charger 52V & 60V Charger

$45.00 SGD

ZERO 52V 60V Charging Adapter for ZERO 10X

*For export only

Charging adapter used for ZERO 10X 52V or 60V versions. The 52V version is suitable for use on the ZERO 10x e-scooter. 

Not safety mark approved, not for sale in Singapore. 

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For those who require faster charging, you can parallel 2 chargers together like below:

Charging rate is 2A for either of them. They cannot be used interchangeably. 

Suitable for use on most 52V or 60V e-scooters or e-bikes. 

Comes with GX-16 female connectors. We will match the the power cord to your country of use. Default power cord is EU 2 pin standard.