Winglights Bar end Turn Signal Lights LED

$48.00 SGD

Winglights World's Brightest Turn Signal  Lights LED

The Winglights 12V handlebar end turn signal lights/emergency lights for ebikes, e-scooters and motorcycles is the World's brightest LEDs.

The blinker driver is a LED PWM driver which pulses the LED lights.

Bar end LED lights come as a pair with one LED Blinker Driver. Connector is a 2-pin molex male connector.

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Here's a demonstration of the brightness of the Winglights LED:

Mounting instructions:

  1. The LED lights come with screw threads so they can be screwed into the handlebar however you will need to a screw tap to tap the threads on the inside of your handlebar
  2. Easier method is to secure the winglights using grub screw on the handlebar

Not included:

  1. 12V power source
  2. Turn signal switch