Waterproof Turn Signal Switch Multi-functional Switch

$14.00 SGD

Multi-function Turn Signal Switch

This waterproof rugged multi-functional turn signal switch contains 3 main functions:

1. latch switch for turning on/off headlights

2. latch switch for directional turn signal lights which can also work as hazard lights

3. momentary switch for horn

It has in-built LEDs that are activated when the turning signal switch or headlight is pressed. 

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This switch can be installed onto any 22mm handlebar with a setting screw. You can follow the instructions below to wire up the switch to the different lights.

Light Module Board

Additionally, you can order the turn signal switch with our light module PCB board that will make it an easy plug and play for all your lighting connections. The board takes in 12V supply and supplies power to 2 turn signal lights, 1 headlight/rear light, and 1 horn.

The junction board already has in-built blinker function so all you need to do is to connect the wires of your various light and horn components.

The max current for the junction board is 4A so you will need to ensure a few things:

  1. Your 12V battery is able to support the current required
  2. The horn normally takes about 1.5A peak so you have to ensure your head and rear lights do not take more than 2.5A or 30W. Turn signal lights take up a negligible amount of current.

Here is an example of the junction board being used:



This switch is used on our safety handlebar bundle but it can be used for other applications too.