Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Headset Sold Out

Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Headset

$89.00 SGD

Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Headset


1. Humanised design. Easy to operate; Multi-mode setting; Man-machine control experience: Pressure design of big keys, suitable for blind operation in riding.

2. New structure design: quick and convenient disassembly and assembly of the main unit, waterproof and secured; gold-plated bullet needle structure; replaceable headset structure

3. Ultra-long endurance capacity: 850 mAh capacity battery, able to function for 10-13 hours continuously.

4. High noise reduction technology: capable to reduce background noise: ensure speech clarity even at 110km/h.

5. High fidelity stereo sound quality: special structure speaker matches professional circuit design.

6. Unique communication technology-free switching to multiple communication modes.

7. Optional 4k Camera with video recording and photo capture

VIMOTO Bluetooth Intercom:

SCSI Bluetooth Intercom with Video and Photo Capture:

This is how they are mounted onto your full face helmet:


  1. 1 X Helmet Bluetooth Headset

  2. 1 X Microphone

  3. 1 X Wired Input Connector

  4. 1 X Installation Kit

  5. 1 X USB Charging Line

  6. 1 X Instruction

Stereo Sound Effect Yes
Hard Wire Microphone Yes
Camera None for Vimoto / 4k camera for SCSI
Bluetooth Connection Up to 3 Devices for Vimoto / 4 devices for SCSI
Voice Coexistence Mode Yes
Auto Answer Yes
Battery Capacity 850mAh
Working Time 10-13h
Noise Reduction 80-110kmh
Connection with Mobile Phone and Walkie Talkie simultaneously Yes
85 x 45 x 20mm
Mounting Spring Clip Double sided 3M Adhesive Tape
SD card Yes. 32GB SD card included