Universal Steering Damper Stabilizer for E-Scooter

$32.00 SGD

Steering Damper Stabilizer for E-Scooter

Reduce high speed wobbles with a steering damper stabilizer for your e-scooter or ebike. Due to air resistance, road resistance, and other external factors, the smaller tires of the e-scooter causes more wobble than larger road tires. 

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Our adjustable hydraulic resistance steering damper helps the rider to improve control of the front axle, damping all micro-oscillations and also any rapid movements in steering by automatically increasing their damping force. 

At gradual speed turns, the steering damper has very little resistance allowing the handlebars to turn smoothly. 

Single road system supported by oil-free slide bearings

Hydraulic resistance adjustment ring nut using calibrated holes with 16 micrometric points of stiffness adjustment

Stock damping rod is 250mm in length, matris damping rod is 340mm in length.