Triad 750 [Seated 3 Wheel Electric Scooter]

$1,299.00 SGD


Strictly Not For Use in Singapore.


Designed and Engineered in the USA

The Triad 750 is an extremely reliable and rugged 3 wheeled electric mobility scooter for the elderly and users with walking difficulties. The Triad 3 wheeled electric scooter comes with a seated and non-seated option allowing the rider to sit down or stand. 
Able to withstand a load of up to 160kg, the Triad 750 series is longest range and most water and weather resistant electric vehicle in the market today.
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Triad 750 - Rugged long range weather resistant electric mobility scooter

Unlike other 3 wheel electric mobility scooters, the Triad 750 is extremely stable and does not have a risk to roll over. Able to carry up to the weight of 2 full grown adults, the Triad 750 comes with a 750W hub motor which has enough power for inclines up to 20 degrees. The Triad also allows fitting of a seat and front mount basket. With the SF2 model, it also comes with heavy duty front fork suspension which makes an already comfortable ride even more so. Fitted with a Li-Ion 10.4Ah battery, the Triad 750 is able to travel up to 40km on one charge!
All models come with a seat option FREE which is detachable from the main frame. Riders can choose to sit down to stand up while riding.

Watch the Triad 750 Mobility Scooter in Action:

Detailed Specifications

Weight 30 kg
Top Speed Limited to 10 km/h*
Dimensions 70cm W x 97cm L x 122 cm H
Drive train 750W 48V motor
Battery 10.4 Ah Li Ion
Battery Lifespan 1200 full charge cycles
Charging Time 4 hrs
Braking System Front drum brake and rear disc brake; Parking brake allows stopping on inclines
Tires 16 inch pneumatic front; 9 inch pneumatic rear
Options Removable seat; front basket; front suspension
Range Up to 40km per charge
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty


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