Forward Reverse Relay Switch for DC Brushless Motor

$55.00 SGD

Forward Reverse Relay Switch for Mobility Scooter PMA

This forward/reverse switch can be used to enable the reverse function in any brushless DC motor by connecting either 2 phase wires or 2 phase + 2 hall wires. 

For DC motors without hall sensors, you simply need to connect the 2 phase motor lines to the relay. Suitable applications include older models of PMA mobility scooters like travelscoot that does not come with a forward and reverse function. 

To be used with a DPDT or SPST switch that can be used to trigger the forward/reverse modes in the relay. 

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This relay switch works for almost any DC brushless motor that has 3 phase wires or 3 phase + 5 hall sensor wires connected to a speed controller. 

This package includes:

1. Relay switchboard

2. SPST forward reverse switch

Here is a demo of how the switch works: