Travelscoot Battery Charger 24V Charger for Mobility Scooter

$45.00 SGD

Travelscoot Battery Charger 24V Charger Li-Ion Charger

*For export purposes only. Not available for Singapore use

The Li-ion battery charger is specifically made for charging the Travelscoot battery.  This charger has safety protection features like over-current protection, over-voltage protection and also, high temperature protection. It will cut off charging immediately when the pack temperature is higher than 40C or lower than 0C. 

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The charger has 2 LEDs: one for POWER and one for STATUS. Here is the charger operation:

Indicator POWER LED
AC on Constant RED OFF
Initiation of Charger ON Flash Green 3x
Quick charge ON Constant Red
Pre-charge mode ON Red Slow Flash
Battery Full ON Constant Green
Battery Removed ON OFF
Over Temperature or faulty thermistor ON Green Fast Flash
Precharge abnormal ON Green Fast Flash
Charger output short ON Flash Green 2x then Flash Red


Charging Input
100-240V AC 50-60Hz 1.6A
Connector 4 pin XLR
Charging voltage
29.2V 1.6A
  • Over current protection at 1.6A dc
  • Over voltage protection at 29.4V dc
  • Over Temperature protection at >40C and <0C