Snapcycle Roadmaster Mid Drive E-Bike 2024 PAB

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Snapcycle Roadmaster Mid-Drive Ebike PAB 24 inch E-Bike 2024

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For those who have been looking for a proper full sized e-bike in Singapore, Snapcycle is finally here! The Roadmaster is Singapore's First LTA-Approved Mid-Drive E-bike that runs on a set of 24 inch, 700C road tires. 

Here are some of the highlights on its specifications: 504 Wh LG Lithium Ion Battery, Full Hydraulic Brakes, 700C Road Bike Tires with reflective strips, 7-Speed Shimano Derailleur, and Color LCD Display

Revolutionizing the eBike scene in Singapore, the Snapcycle Roadmaster proudly stands as the country's premier Mid-Drive Ebike, offering a cutting-edge cycling experience like never before. Engineered with precision and packed with advanced features, this eBike is designed to elevate your rides to new heights of performance and enjoyment.

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Snapcycle Roadmaster (PAB) E-BIKE

LTA Approved EN15194 Certified  

Full Sized & High Performance Ebike

The Snapcycle Roadmaster is the first mid-drive high performance full sized ebike in the market that is LTA approved. With its 24inch wheel rims, this urban hybrid ebike is the most comfortable road use ebike in the market. 

Powerful Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The Snapcycle comes fitted with standard hydraulic e-brakes for better braking performance compared to mechanical brakes.

Unparalleled Mid Drive Motor Performance

The Snapcycle Roadmaster comes with a Mid-Drive Motor with built-in Torque Sensor. It offers you the best cycling experience with no ghost pedaling. Here are some of the advantages of the Snapcycle mid-drive performance:

  • Superior Motor Efficiency compared to regular hub motor
  • Better weight distribution with the motor in the middle, it makes the ebike feel lighter, more stable and easier to handle
  • Better battery range due to a more efficient motor. For a similar sized battery capacity, the Snapcycle can produce more range compared to a hub motor ebike.
  • Less maintenance on the Snapcycle due to few moving parts. As the gears of the bike is built right into the mid drive motor, there are fewer moving parts and hence less wear and tear.
  • No ghost pedaling on the Snapcycle. Ghost pedaling is where the motor will auto activate by itself due to the movement of the pedals.

European Standard, LTA Approved E-bike

The Snapcycle Roadmaster in Singapore has passed the high standard laid by EN15194:2017 - the latest European certification standard for E-bikes.

The Snapcycle is IP65 rated, making it completely rainproof, even in heavy downpours. Say goodbye to concerns about water damage during rainy rides. 

All Snapcycle e-bike purchased from us come up with FREE LTA Registration and number plate. A hassle-free process for you to own your dream ebike.

Detachable LG Li-ion Battery

The Roadmaster batteries are 36V-14Ah and are made of premium LG INR18650-MJ1 cells, which are renowned for their long lifespans and excellent performance.

With an energy-efficient mid-drive motor, this ebike ensures an impressive range of at least 90km, allowing you to explore farther without worrying about running out of juice. 

The battery management system (BMS) complies with EN ISO 13849-1:2015 standards and comes with temperature protection features to enhance its durability and safety. With each charge, you'll get to enjoy up to 90km of range on pedal-assist mode.

Technical Specifications

Motor Power 36V 250W Mid-Drive Motor
Max Speed 25km/h limited by law using Pedal Assist
Battery LG MJ1 36V 14AH detachable
Range Up to 90km
Charging Time 6 hours
Safety Standard EN15194, LTA Registered Orange Seal, SG Safety Mark (Charger)
Weight 19 kg
Wheels 24″ rims; 28 x 1.95 inch pneumatic tires
Brakes Hydraulic brakes with 160mm disc rotors
LCD Display Yes, with 5 speed adjustment tiers
Front Light White LED Light
Rear Light Red LED Light
Accessories Charger, Tools
Warranty 1 year limited