Rear View Mirror with In-Mirror Turn Signal LED

$52.00 SGD

Sporty Angular Rear View Mirrors with In-Mirror Turn Signal Lights 

Carbon fiber Rear/Side view or wing mirrors for e-scooter and e-bikes with in-built front and rear turn signal LED lights.

Requires a 12V input to power on the turn signal LEDs. Best suited for use with our Safety handlebar bundle and best paired with our turn signal button switches here.

Fits standard 28mm or 31.5mm e-scooter and e-bike handle bar diameters.

Adjustable height, position and tilt angle.

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Inclusions and exclusions:

  1. Price is for 1 pair. Comes with screw adapters. 
  2. Includes handlebar mount
  3. Excludes 12V power source (you can order the zero pouch with 12V battery)
  4. Excludes turn signal buttons (you can order the turn signal buttons)
  5. Installation is not included. If purchased together with safety bundle, installation charge will be waived. Otherwise, installation is an additional $38.
  6. Full setup includes the following: a. Mirror b. waterproof pouch with 12V battery c. turn signal button