Rugged Kickstand Side Stand for E-Bike E-Scooters

$79.00 SGD

Rugged Kickstand Side Stand for ZERO Scooter and Fiido Ebike

Designed specifically for the ZERO 10X EVO, designed specially for heavy use and load. Fits 10inch to 20 inch tires.

For tires larger than 20 inches, please select the longer sized side stand.

No drilling of holes necessary!

Suitable across all models of ZERO 10X including ZERO 10X, Limited, EVO etc. The kickstand itself is extendable (height adjustable) and the angle of the footpads can be adjusted for different floor angles. 

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Material: Aluminium Alloy to ensure lightweightness and strength

Load Capacity: Up to 150kg

Height: Adjustable from 10 to 27 inches

Installation is easy! 

This rugged kickstand is specially designed for the ZERO 10X and its variations. This kickstand is suitable for normal ZERO 10X too. Also suitable for 10, 11, 12, 14 and 16 inch wheels as the length of the kickstand is adjustable.

Installation is easy, just remove the original 2 screws under deck and replace them with the 2 screws provided. Do remember to loctite the screws before installing.

Watch how to install it on the ZERO 10X in 1 minute!

If you are using thicker tires or higher suspension, you may need to adjust your kickstand height. In which case, you will have to adjust the height of the kickstand. Heres how to do it:

Video below shows the stability of the rugged kickstand for ebikes:

See how to install the Fiido/JI-MOVE MC Rugged Side Stand:

Material: Aluminium Alloy


Max extension height = 25cm; min extension height 17cm

Color: Black, Silver, Oil Slick, Red, Blue 

Weight: 395g

Includes: Stand, bracket and 2 mounting screws. Pls note the ZERO bracket and e-bike bracket is different. 

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