Nutt Hybrid Brakes (for Inokim OX and Dualtron) -49%

Nutt Hybrid Brakes (for Inokim OX and Dualtron)

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Nutt HybridBrakes


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  • This is an optional upgrade for Dualtron and Inokim OX, OXO models
  • This brake set is pre-bled and uses mineral oil
  • The 160mm disc rotor is included
  • This will not affect the electronic braking function of the e-scooter

Nutt hydraulic hybrid brake system is a high end braking system made in Taiwan which provide more stopping power, is more durable, faster/more reliable and predictable pad retraction when releasing the brakes, and are virtually maintenance free (apart from worn pads).

Normal braking systems require frequent maintenance – do away with all of that by upgrading to hydraulic brakes!

Why Hybrid brakes?

Hybrid brakes provide the same improved braking power of hydraulic brakes but without the hassle of fluid bleeding. It utilises the mechanical braking hose to activate the hydraulic pistons on both sides of the brake pads. That means installation is a breeze as you will be able to plug and play the hybrid brakes.

This Nutt hybrid brake system is suitable for Inokim OX, Dualtron 3, Dualtron Thunder, DYU, Fiido, Minimotors Tempo V3 and many other scooter models.

Here is an example of how easy it is to install the Nutt Hybrid Brake system: