NFC Lock Switch for E-Scooter E-Bike With Key Lock

$39.00 SGD

NFC Lock Switch With Key Lock for E-Scooter E-Bike 

Improve the security of your ebike/escooter with this ultra-compact and sleek NFC switch! 

Installation is easy and its compatible on almost any e-scooter/ebike handlebar. This method of security is the quickest way to lock and unlock the electronics of your electric vehicle allowing you to hop on/off easily. Waterproof rating at IP65. 

Comes with 2 NFC key cards which can be uploaded to your Android phone so that you can use your smartphone to lock/unlock the NFC. Sorry Apple users, this function is not available for you. 

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Here is a video of how the NFC key works:


IP Grade: IP65

Voltage: 36/48V/52V/60V/72V

Continuous working current: 4A

Switch output continuous current: <5A

Switch output instantaneous current: 80A

Operating Temperature: -40 to 75 deg C

Colour: Black with Silver finish

Max Current Draw: 20mA

Material: Plastic

Included: 2 NFC key cards

Operating Voltage: 36V to 72V. Each voltage has its own model and are not compatible with the other voltage settings. 


Here is the wiring for the NFC device:

  • Black - Ground
  • Blue - Source Voltage (36, 48, 60, 72V)
  • Red - Input Voltage from lock 
  • White - Speed Wire (NA)
  • Green - Light on/off
  • Yellow - horn on/off

To use the NFC lock function, simply replace the 3 wires of an existing key lock or immobilizer lock with the black, red and blue wires of the NFC lock. 

To use the lights, wire the green and black wire.

To use the horn, wire the yellow and black wire.

To use the speedometer, wire the white speed sensor wire to your controller. However, this function will not work as it needs to be configured for every controller.