Momax Pincard Smart Tracker

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Momax Pincard Find My compatible for Loss Prevention Location Tracker and GPS Tracker Find My Phone Compatible

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    How far can you track a Smart Tag?

    Various smart tags have their own coverage areas. Some BLE-powered smart tags have a range of 80 meters up to 120 meters. This means users can track items and valuables anywhere within 80-120 meters.

    Can someone else track my Smart Tag?

    It depends on the smart tag and the brand, but usually, someone else can track your smart tag, only if they’re using your account in the tracking app. 

    Are Smart Tags waterproof?

    The Smart Tag has IP53 water resistant rating but they’re not entirely waterproof. This means that smart tags can get wet, and a little rain or a little splash of water is fine. However, they can’t be fully submerged or dropped in water for long periods of time. You need to make sure to keep them dry and avoid dropping them into water.

    How long do Smart Tag batteries last?

    6 months on a single charge and can be recharged via a wireless charger.