Mini Aerosol Fire Extinguisher for E-Bikes Motorcycles and Cars

$15.00 SGD

Condensed Early Detection Mini Fire Extinguisher for E-Bikes Motorcycles and Cars

Simple, lightweight fire extinguisher for your ebike and cars. Condensed aerosol fire extinguisher that are most effective when embedded in the chassis of cars, ebikes, motorcycles or EVs. 

Comes with metal screw brackets that can be mounted onto bike or car frame/chassis. 

Installation using 3M double sided tape or screws.

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  1. 5g -  8cm x  4cm x 1cm

  2. 10g - 4.5cm x 2.8cm x 1.8cm

Capacity   5g/10g/20g
Discharge Time   5 sec
Working Temperature   -50℃~+90℃
Usable Life   10 yrs
Humidity   ≤95%


Start-up mode: Thermal self-start

Most effective when used in enclosed environment and to put out initial fires


  • screw tight to any wooden or metal surface or secure with 3M tape
  • pigtail thermal sensor should be lined along the length of the battery
  • fire extinguisher should be placed as close as possible to battery source or within battery casing 
  • This DOES NOT replace the use of a real fire extinguisher but it will help to put out small smoke before thermal runway takes over. 

Here is a video explanation to show how this early detection fire extinguishier works:

Heres a test of the portable fire extinguisher with exploding Li Ion batteries: