MIDO Scorpion MOBOT Battery E-Bike 36V 10Ah Battery

$350.00 SGD

MIDO Scorpion Mobot Nakxus E-Bike 36V 10Ah Battery

Spare detachable 36V 10Ah battery for MIDO PRO E-Bike. 

Suitable for MIDO, Scorpion, and Nakxus ebikes.  

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MIDO Electric Bicycle 36V 10Ah detachable battery. Can be used as a spare for riders who want to go the distance. Easy to install and remove. 

This is a 36V detachable battery which is compatible with the MIDO and MIDO PRO Electric Bicycle. This battery fit the MIDO, Scorpion, and Mobot Nakxus ebikes too. 

It is easy to install and slides into the stem after unlocking key.

Dimension 34 x 7.8 x 4.4 cm