LED Light Work Gloves Universal Sizing

LED Light Work Gloves Universal Sizing

$18.00 SGD

LED Light Service Gloves Universal Unisex

Servicing gloves that wrap around with inbuilt LED lighting to light up dark corners. Especially useful when doing brake tuning and brake alignment. 


  • 2 LEDs on the thumb and fore finger
  • Universal sizing 
  • On/off switch for LEDs

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GLOVES WITH LIGHTS: Our LED Gloves has 2 powerful LED lights inbuilt into the palm of your hand, making them the perfect lighting gloves, LED finger gloves, LED cycling gloves, and fingerless fishing gloves.

UNISEX: It fits on both the left and right hand, and the unisex design is gender neutral, so you can shine the glove's LED light where and when you need it

ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable strap provides a secure fit and the breathable, soft fabric propels this product into the cool gadgets for everyday use. 

Check out how it helps technicians who are doing repair work: