KOTTO E-Bike Motor 750W 1000W Motor

$399.00 SGD

KOTTO E-Bike Motor Rear Wheel Hub 750W 1000W Motor

Customized E-Motorcycle style powerful reliable 16 inch KOTTO E-Bike Hub motor 750W and 1000W with 7-speed cassette with 9-pin sealed HIGO connector

Fully spoked rim. Suitable for 48-52V controller drive systems.

Suitable for 18x3 inch Tires.

Installation not included.

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  1. Long bearing life + long maintenance cycle; simple and convenient maintenance;
  2. No mechanical commutator inside to prevent dust from entering the motor, high reliability;
  3. Strong overload capacity, to meet the needs of vehicles, motor rotor has a high permanent magnetic field.
  4. Excellent start performance, non-hysteresis damping consumption of kinetic energy, high torque climbing ability;
  5. High working efficiency, low power consumption, long running distance;
  6. Excellent waterproof performance;
  7. The drive way is many, may satisfy the market majority to load the vehicle the request;
  8. Low Noise and reliable operation


Voltage 48V/52V
Rated Power
Max RPM 460
Efficiency >78%
Weight 5.6kg
Dropout 175mm
Waterproof IP65
Gear Ratio 1:4.3
Poles 20
Spoke Size 12G/13G
Noise <55dB