KOTTO Brakes Motorcycle Style KOTTO Hydraulic Brakes for E-Bikes

$240.00 SGD

KOTTO Motorcycle Style E-Brakes for E-Bikes

Do you find yourself wearing our your brake pads too often? Or are you using really powerful motors that seem to require a brake pad change every few weeks? 

The KOTTO motorcycle style brakes are the ebike brakes that never seem to wear out. 

This is due to the 5mm thick brake pads which are also larger than ordinary ebike brake pads providing 30% more braking grip area on each brake piston. 

The KOTTO brakes 180mm rotors are also 3mm thick, 1mm thicker than ordinary bicycle rotors. The thickness of the rotors means they will not easily warp due to heat and also lend to greater braking force. 

Prices include free installation. 

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1 set of the KOTTO hydraulic brakes comes with both front and rear brake calipers and levers and pre-bled hose for easy installation.


1. For a normal bicycle or ebike, simply change the disc rotors to the KOTTO rotors

2. Replace the brake calipers front and rear. The brake hose is prebled with mineral oil so there is no need to bleed again. 

3. Replace the brake levers 

4. Connect the hydraulic hose to the brake levers

This is how it looks after installation:


  1. 1 set: Front and rear brake caliper and lever (left sided) - 2-piston/4-piston
  2. Front hose length: 1m
  3. Rear hose length: 2.1m
  4. Rotors: 2 x 180mm by 3mm thick rotors
  5. Brake Pads: 2 x 5mm thick brake pads preinstalled
  6. All other screws and adapters needed for ebike installation

Not included:

  1. Mineral oil (prebled into hose). You can use shimano, Tektro or other mineral oil.