Inokim Light 2 E-Scooter

$1,349.00 SGD $850.00 SGD
UL Certification

The INOKIM Light 2

UL2272 Certified. LTA Compliant.

Falcon PEV is the Exclusive distributor of all Inokim Products. All official Inokim products are covered under a one-year limited warranty.

INOKIM Light 2 electric scooter with more powerful motor

INOKIM Light 2 electric scooter with dual braking system

Inokim Light 2 e-scooter with removable hub motor


TIME FOR AN UPGRADE. The most popular INOKIM model is back with a powerful 350W motor, and dual drum braking system, packed into the same beautiful design.

Following the successful launch of the first INOKIM Light in 2015, the Light 2 boasts higher quality skid and puncture resistant tyres. With an ability to reach a maximum speed of 35km/h*, expect to overcome tougher slopes with ease.

With a more powerful motor, an additional front brake has been incorporated to boost the safety aspect of the scooter. 

Maintenance is kept minimal and simple with the fuss-free drum braking system. There are no brake pads or disc rotors to change, just a regular tuning will do the job.

It is now incredibly easy to replace a worn or damaged tyre and tube. The removable rear hub allows for a quick tyre change by simply releasing the secured screws. 

Upgraded from the old 2018 model, the UL2272 certified 2019 Inokim Light 2 model is manufactured based on heightened safety standards, conforming to better testing parameters for both electrical and mechanical components.

Registration in Singapore

Please note that price does not include registration fees. Registration fees in Singapore costs an additional $60 payable to LTA, not us. New Registration plates will be provided for free.

Inokim Light 2 Feature Video 

Detailed Specifications:

INOKIM Light 1 INOKIM Light 2
36V 8.5 inch 250W Brushless Hub motor 
36V 8.5 inch 350W Brushless Hub motor

Li-Ion 36V 8Ah/10.4 Ah
Made-in-Korea LG cells

Li-Ion 36V 10.4 Ah
Made-in-Korea LG cells
12/13 kg
Charge time
4-5 hrs for full charge
4-5 hrs for full charge
Top Speed
Configurable between 17 and 25 km/h

non-UL ver. 35km/h *Capped at 25km/h

UL ver. 30km/h *Capped at 25km/h

Top Range
25/35 km
Braking System
Rear drum brakes
Front & Rear drum brakes
Lights Front and rear brake lights
Front and rear brake lights
Loading Capacity
100 kg
100 kg
8.5" Pneumatic tires front and rear
8.5" CST Pneumatic tires front and rear

Included: LCD Display, Bell, hand pump, toolkit

Not Included: Trolley bag, trolley wheels

Included: LCD Display, Bell, hand pump, toolkit and kickstand

Not Included: Trolley bag, trolley wheels

Singapore, Malaysia, Southeast Asia. 
Singapore, Malaysia, Southeast Asia. 
Warranty 1 year limited warranty
1 year limited warranty
Box Dim. (cm) 100 x 26 x 40
100 x 26 x 40 

Battery Upgrades

If you are unhappy with the range and need more range per charge, we have available a removable 10Ah external battery pack that you can use to double your range for only an additional $200. The 10+10Ah option will allow you to travel up to 70km or more than 2.5 hours of continuous riding.