Handlebar Mounted Bluetooth Speaker for E-Bikes E-Scooters

$35.00 SGD

Handlebar Mounted Bluetooth Speaker for E-Bikes E-scooters

12V powered black waterproof bluetooth speaker that can be handlebar mounted or rear mounted.

Compatible with all Android or iOS phones playing spotify/youtube/tiktok etc.

Bluetooth speakers itself does not include 12V battery and connectors. The Full set will include power bank and the battery pouch but NOT handlebar. 

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How it Works:

Is it Actually Waterproof?


The kit comes with a user manual. There are 2 connectors: 1 connector connects the master speaker to the slave speaker, and another connector connects to 12V power source. Simple! 

Basic Version Includes:

1. A set of 2 bluetooth speakers

2. 2 remote key fobs with play/pause/skip/volume control functions/playback

3. 2 sets of mounting bracket to be used with rear view mirror mounts

Included in Full Set:

4. 12V battery pouch with 12V9Ah power bank

5. Fully wired

With Installation version:

1. 12V power source. You can purchase our 12V battery packs with the waterproof pouch here. (Included with Installation option; handlebar not included).