ZEROTRK GPS Tracker for E-Bike E-Scooter

$99.00 SGD

GPS Immobilizer with Anti-Theft Vibration Alarm

The ZEROTRK is the first commercially available plug and play GPS Tracker for ebikes and e-scooters that is able to track your vehicle's location in real-time and remotely on/off your vehicle.

The ZEROTRK is also able to perform playback to track the history of your vehicles route and perform geolocation fencing functions. We have also added a vibration alarm function that triggers a notification to your smartphone. 

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***This is not just a GPS Tracker. It is also a remote immobilizer***


The Best Anti-Theft Device For Your e-Scooter Or e-Bike

The name more or less tells you what it does as the GPS/IoT abilities give you the power to ZERO in on the location of your e-scooter/e-bike and track it remotely and control it.

The ZEROTRK will be the last anti-theft device you will ever purchase. Here are the great features that will keep your electric wheels safe and secure wherever you leave them:

How Does It Work?

The GPS tracking feature essentially puts a breadcrumb on your e-scooter/e-bike that you can follow wherever it goes. The ZEROTRK app is available in both Android and Apple App Store. 

What Are Some Of The “Great Features?”

The ZEROTRK device provides real-time tracking and not some sort of delayed system that identifies the “approximate” location of your GPS marker a minute ago or a few minutes ago. Instead, you will receive the exact location, at this very moment.

There is also a geofencing function. What this does is allows you – through the app or website – to set up a GPS virtual “boundary” and should that zone be breached in any way, you will receive a notification.

Wait! There’s Even More

The ZEROTRK electronic lock will protect your e-scooter in several other ways as well. The list of anti-theft for e-scooter (or e-bike) owners includes:

Remote Power Cut Off Function

Yup. You get a notification that your e-scooter has just crossed the geofence you put up and is traveling away from it at a considerable amount of speed and…you shut ‘er down through the app or website.

Anti-Tampering Cut-Wire Alarm, Low Battery Alarm

Be alerted when any of these activities take place.

But why not just put some extra bucks into buying a bigger, better bike lock? Well, that isn’t a bad idea to start with because thieves will be slowed down if they see a giant lock on your e-scooter/e-bike. With the ZEROTRK and a MASSIVE bike lock, your electronic wheels will have two layers of protection. 

Think of it this way. If someone manages to tamper with the bike lock and take your wheels, the ZEROTRK will alert you to this happening and you will be able to react right away. Without the ZEROTRK, if someone takes your e-scooter/e-bike, by the time you find out, they will be long gone and you won’t have any clue of where they took your ride.

What is the difference between 2G/3G/4G GPS Tracking?

The primary difference between 2G and 3G networks for mobile subscribers is that they get to enjoy faster data downloading on 3G. With respect to GPS Tracking, the 3G enabled device will be more responsive and provide 30% more accurate positioning data.

Also 2G services may have been terminated in your country or have been terminated by your telco service provider so do check before purchasing the GPS device. 

2G/3G SIM card is required for the activation of the GPS tracker and they can normally be purchased from your local telco provider. Local monthly sim card charges apply. 


  1. GPS Unit
  2. Wire harness with relay
  3. Optional SIM Card with sim card holder
  4. Optional External Box for external mounting of the GPS device (for machines that do not have enough space for internal installation)


  1. For internal installation that comes without a waterproof box
  2. For external installation that is meant to be installed outside of the e-scooter or e-bike. This is meant more for fleet installation or for machines that do not have enough internal space to store the ZEROTRK device. 


Our multifunction GPS device has these main capabilities:

  1. Real time tracking 
  2. Remote power cutoff function
  3. Anti-Tampering Cut-Wire Alarm
  4. Low Battery Alarm
  5. Geofencing function. Set a boundary using our iOS or Android app and a notification will be sent to you once this boundary has been breached by the GPS unit. 
  6. Smartphone App function included FREE
  7. Optional global sim card

Watch the video for a short demonstration of the GPS Tracker functionalities!

Startup Instructions:

  1. Insert SIM Card into GPS device
  2. Turn on the device and place it near the windows or outdoors for the device to log onto GPS and GSM signals
  3. It takes 30-40 seconds for the device to detect the GSM and GPS signals. Once the red and yellow LED lights go steady, it is ready to use.
  4. Once detected, you will be able to log into your app.

Installation Instructions (Perform Startup first):

  1. Plug in the scooter/bike battery to the GPS Device using the adaptor provided.
  2. Plug in the scooter to the controller using the adaptor wire harness provided. 
  3. Place the GPS unit securely in a location of the scooter that is not easy to find. 

Network Availability:

  1. 2G networks have been disabled in countries like Japan, Korea, Singapore, Canada, USA, Thailand and Australia. It is still available for countries in Europe, South America, China etc.
  2. 3G networks are available in every country.  


GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900
GPRS Class 20
GPS Channel 20
Standby Time 60 hrs
Weight 32 g
Battery 180mAh (5 hrs of GPS usage) if not connected to main battery
Size 107mm x 50mm x 17mm H
Operating Voltage  9-75 V (supports up to 60V batteries only)
Compatibility 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz
Suitable For Inokim, ZERO, Dualtron Minimotors, and many others
User Manual Start here before turning on the GPS
Compatible OS Android, PC, iOS


Unboxing of the ZEROTRK:


Here is how to install it with our optional wire harness system:

How to install the ZEROTRK on the ZERO 8X or ZERO 10X scooter:

How to Install into the Inokim OXO: