Xtasy Foldable Handlebar for E-Scooter

$59.00 SGD

Xtasy Foldable Handlebars for ZERO VSETT E-Scooter

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Is the shaky handlebar on your e-scooter bothering you? OR do you need more handlebar space to mount all your different accessories? 

This foldable sports handlebar has zero free play and will solve the shakiness on most stock handlebar on e-scooters.

When unfolded, the Xtasy is extremely rigid and performs like a one-piece solid frame handlebar. Works for ZERO 8X, Z10X, Inokim Quick 2, 3, Inokim Light 1 and 2 models and many other e-scooter models. 

Price includes installation but DOES NOT include price of the stem adaptor. The DEX stem adaptor is a 25.4mm diameter stem clamp that fits onto the ZERO 10X vertical pole.