Fiido Frame Tactical Bag with Top Zip and Side Zips

$49.00 SGD

The Fiido Frame Center Tactical Bag

Waterproof tactical bag for Fiido Q1 and Q1S e-scooter. Fits into the center hole compartment for the Fiido Q1 and Q1S. 

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Waterproof bag/pouch that works great for placing your electronics and battery on your Fiido ebike and e-scooter. 

Compact size with multiple openings for wiring to run out. 4 point velcro strap to secure bag to the frame. It is equipped with 2 big zippers to finish the whole black tactical look. This bag opens up from the top towards the rider. 

Fits perfectly onto all Fiido Q1 and Q1S ebike and e-scooter.