ZERO E-Scooters External Battery for ZERO VSETT

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External Parallel Battery Setup

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Calling all battery range extenders! Double your range with our ZERO 8, 9, 10, 10X and 11X external battery options.

Choose between 48V, 52V, 60V and 72V battery packs depending on your internal battery configuration. These are strictly for external battery usage and not for internal usage as their dimensions may be different from the internal battery.

Suitable for many other e-scooter brands like VSETT

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We carry a variety of custom batteries for extending the range of the ZERO scooters. 

IMPORTANT: Your external battery has to match the internal battery in Voltage BUT NOT in Ah Capacity. They can be connected in parallel (not via a switch).

Here is the result of connecting a 52V 18Ah and 52V 23Ah battery in parallel. Connecting the 2 batteries in parallel produces identical performance to 2 batteries used separately. 

The grey line representing the parallel batteries is equivalent to the sum of the red (18Ah only) and blue lines (23Ah only) in terms of time of discharge. 


1. Li Ion LG MH1 3200mAh or Samsung cells depending on availability. Choose between 36V, 48V, 52V, 60V and 72V configurations. 

2. Includes external battery pouch with wiring and connectors, includes wiring and connectors and kids handlebar. Excludes charger. By default, there are NO switches but we do have a switching option. 

3. Runs parallel to the current battery but each battery (internal and external) has to be charged separately. Please ensure that both batteries (internal and external) are fully charged before plugging in to connect both batteries. It is safer for the batteries for them to be plugged in at the same voltage. 

4. Charger sold separately

5. Dimension: 410 x 170 x 85mm

6. Suitable for ZERO 8, 9, 10, 10X, 11X and ZERO 8X.

7. All batteries include wire harness. Kids handlebar will be provided for ZERO 10X, 8X and 11X.  

8. Switching is now available! By default, the external battery does not come with a switch anymore. You will be provided with a wire harness that connects both batteries in parallel. However, if you want to connect 2 batteries of different capacities, we now have a special switch to connect your 2 battery packs in parallel. 


We are now able to ship to most countries in the USA, South America, EU and Asia Pacific region. 


Here are the instructions on how to install the 48V external battery pack into your ZERO 8 or ZERO 9 scooter: 


Here is the tutorial on how to install the external battery into your ZERO 10X scooter (old version):

Here are some newly updated instructions on how to connect the 10X, 11X and 8X batteries in parallel:


ZERO 11X External Battery Installation

The installation for ZERO 11X is the same as ZERO 10X except for the kids handlebar. This kit will be included together with the external battery of the ZERO 11X.  

For switching applications, check out the video here: