Ergotec 6 Stem Adapter 31.8mm for Xtasy Handlebar (Inokim OX & ZERO 10x)

$75.00 SGD

Ergotec 6 Stem Adapter 31.8mm

Want to upgrade your handlebar for overall lighter weight, longer span or increased durability but can't find a matching stem adapter? Look no further. The Ergotec 6 allows for an easy installation and perfect fit. 


Material: Aluminum alloy
Handlebar diameter: 31.8mm
Front fork diameter: 28.6mm
Extension Length: 80 mm
Net weight: 280g
Angle: -20 - + 40 °
Clamp Height: 45mm
Finish: Black Sandblasted

Price excludes installation.
Xtasy handlebar will require Ergotec 6 Stem Adaptor to fit onto eScooter.