EBike PAS Sensor System for Rogi JI-MOVE Ecodrive

$35.00 SGD

PAS Speed Sensor for Pedal Assist E-Bikes

Electric bicycle speed sensor (known as PAS, or pulse assist sensor). It employs the dual-magnetic loop - Hall elastic angle difference to detect the dynamic torque, which is converted to DC signal and sent to the controller. 1:1 power assist. 

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Suitable for JI-MOVE, Eco Drive, SUV, Rogi Max, Venom, and more.

Product Description:

  1. Suitable for most electric bikes

  2. Standard 5/8/12 magnetic booster

  3. Easy to install, easy to use

  4. Material: Alloy 

  5. Plug: Molex 3 pin with black (ground/negative), red (positive) and green wires (signal)