Banjo Bolt for Magura/Shimano

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Magura/Shimano Banjo Bolt

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BH60 Banjo bolt 

This banjo bolt is a 6mm x 10mm banjo bolt stainless steel is for securing the hydraulic hose to the magura and shimano alternate bleeding port. You will need to get the BH90 banjo set if you are installing this bolt. 


1. 1 x BH60 banjo bolt

2. 1 x O-ring

magura shimano bh60 banjo bolt

Stock Banjo Bolt

This is a direct replacement banjo bolt for Magura MT brake calipers. Dimension is 4mm x 12.5mm.

Stainless steel material for securing the hydraulic hose to the magura and shimano main bleeding port

magura banjo bolt

BH90 Banjo Connector Set

Hydraulic Cable End Connector set - (no cable included just the ends)

*This is to place, replace or add the ends on a BH90 style hydraulic cable Specification:


Material: Steel

Color: Silver

Weight: About 12g

Model: BH90 Package


  • 1 x Banjo connector
  • 1 x Oil needle
  • 2 x Olives
  • 2 x Sealing ring
  • 1 x Screw

Here is a video tutorial on how the BH60 Banjo bolt is installed when you want to switch bleeding ports: