11 inch High Speed Motor

$299.00 SGD

High Speed 11 inch Motor 3200W 4500W 5000W

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Dual phase output 11 inch 72V 4500W motor. Suitable for 60V drive system too.

Comes in 2 configurations:
  1. Dual 3 Phase wires from each axle and 5 hall wires - 120A max
  2. Single Phase wire from each axle and 5 hall wires - 60A max

Here is how the high speed 11 inch motor measures against our other high speed motors:


  • Compatible with 60V-120V drive systems
  • Weight: 5.6kg
  • Powerful torque for slope climbing up to 25 deg incline
  • 60mm magnet length
  • 15 magnet pair poles (30 magnets)
  • Max RPM 3600
  • Single or Dual phase motor i.e. 3 or 6 motor phase cables with a single hall sensor cable
  • Fits 11 x 3 Road/Off-Road Tires/Tubeless Tires
  • Motor Wire 1.2m
  • Phase wire 1.2m
  • Tire and Tube purchased separately

During installation, if you experience any motor jerkiness or the motor not working, here is one way to tune the motors to match your controller: