10 inch Motor High Speed Motor 1600W 3200W

$299.00 SGD

10 inch Motor High Speed Motor

For performance upgrades on your ZERO 10X VSETT10+ or similar 10 inch motor e-scooters.

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The 10 inch High Speed Brushless Hub motor suitable for most 10 inch wheeled electric scooters including Dualtron minimotors, ZERO, Kaboo etc.

    Here is how powerful (high rpm) our 10 inch high speed motor can be compared to your stock motors:

    • Compatible with 52V, 60V and 72V drive systems
    • Nominal Power output 1600W; peak power 3000W
    • Weight: 4.2kg
    • Powerful torque for slope climbing
    • 50mm magnet length
    • 15 magnet pair poles
    • Max RPM 3600
    • Dual phase motor i.e. two motor phase cables with a single hall sensor cable
    • Fits 10 x 2.5 and 10 x 3 inch Tires
    • Motor Wire 1.2m
    • Phase wire 1.2m

    Inclusions and Exclusions:

    • Comes with motor nut and lock washer
    • Phase wires with gold bullet connectors on one side and MT60 connector on the other side
    • Hall wires are crimped with no connectors. Use original hall wire connector.
    • Does not include tire and tube (purchased separately)

    During installation, if you experience any motor jerkiness or the motor not working, here is one way to tune the motors to match your controller: