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Based in Singapore, Falcon PEV is the premier “last-mile” company, providing everyday commuters with environmentally friendly solutions to their “last-mile” problems – Electric Scooter and other amazing Electric Gadgets.

We believe in giving the Freedom of mobility for everyone. Our products are all guaranteed with warranty for at least one year and we maintain a fully-stocked service center that can respond to your every technical need.

We are the home of the best Electric Kick Scooters on the market, including the ZoomAir 2, GoBoard, iMax, Ninebot and are the sole official Singapore distributor of the MyWay / Inokim brand of e-scooters.

Falcon PEV is the ultimate Singapore Electric Scooter store.




An alternative to the Bicycle, Walking, Taking the Bus or the Train.

Except that it is more Lightweight, Compact and Foldable… Oh, and it’s Electric.

Travel comfortably wherever you want to go, at safe and steady speeds of up to 25km/h just by pressing a button. No sweat. It’s easier than riding a bicycle!

Do you remember the kick-scooters that were the craze in the 1990s? Electric Scooters are the evolution. It’s used just like a normal kick-scooter, except you can choose to kick, or use the electric motor with the press of a button!




Electric Kick Scooters operate using a hassle free Hub motor and Lithium battery as it’s source of power. These are the same kind of batteries that power your handphone.

Instead of doing the work with your legs, the hub motor does all the work for you at the press of a button.

You control the speed of your scooter at your will, through using a speed control throttle at the handlebar, providing you smooth acceleration.

Our scooters can carry you for a distance of 30km on one charge, enabling you to travel for hours, travel from the East to the West side of Singapore!