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Universal Tire Hugger Guard

$69.00 SGD

Rear Tire Hugger with Universal Bracket Now with rubber washers for shock absorption! And Rear LED...


Steering Damper Kit ZERO VSETT Fiido

$190.00 SGD

Steering Damper/Stabilizer Kit for ZERO VSETT Fiido Scooters

8 inch 10 inch Honeycomb Airless Solid Tire NOTE: Our honeycomb tires are custom made specific...


ZERO Waterproof Pouch with Battery

$29.00 SGD

ZERO Battery Pouch with Battery Waterproof hardcase pouch for e-scooters. You can put your spare charger,...

E-Scooter E-Bike Immobilizer Alarm  This immobilizer security system comes with an alarm and remote control system...

Spare Parts

Rugged Folding Clamp (For ZERO)

$65.00 SGD

Rugged Folding Clamp for ZERO 8X 10X 11X Ultra thick folding clamp for the ZERO 8X,...


DNM Air Shock Suspension

$125.00 SGD

DNM Air Shock Suspension The DNM AOY-36RC XC/MTB/Trail/Cyclocross Bike Rear Shock has been fitted with a...


Shed weight and increase comfort with this carbon handlebar. Can be installed onto ZERO 10X, ZERO...


Universal Licence Plate Holder

$55.00 SGD

Universal E-Scooter License Plate Holder Some countries, under their transport regulation, requires a licence plate to...


Nutt E-Brake Parts

$12.00 SGD

NUTT Hydraulic BRAKE Parts This Taiwanese-made ebrake sensor is mounted on the nutt hydraulic brake and...


ZERO Mudguard Extension

$10.00 SGD

Universal Mudguard Extension For Zero Electric Scooter  


Waterproof ZERO Battery Bag

$42.00 SGD

ZERO External Battery Waterproof Hardcase Our EVA hardcase battery bag is designed to be mounted on the front...

Sports Carbon Fiber Mudguard The long awaited ZERO 8/9 Custom Carbon Fibre fender / mudguard is...

Mounting Rod for Rear Bracket Aluminium rod with bracket extender.


GUB Phone Holder

$18.00 SGD

Secure Universal Phone Holder for E-Scooters The GUB Phone Holder is the perfect universal phone holder...

Do you find your tires puncturing too often on the Inokim OX, ZERO 10X and Dualtrons? ...

Showing 1 - 16 of 58 results