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Zoom Hydraulic Disc E-Brakes

$99.00 SGD

Zoom Hydraulic Disc E-Brakes for ZERO 10X and E-bikes

ZERO 10X VSETT10+ Front Dummy Hub Wheel 10 inch E-Scooter Hub ZERO 10X hollow (empty) front...

ZERO RUBBER AXLE NUT COVERS Fitment: ZERO 8 - Left/Right Rear Only ZERO 8X - Left/Right...

Motor Hall Sensor PCB Generic hall sensor for Brushless DC motor. Insulated leads. 120 deg polarity...

Spare Parts

ZERO Electric Scooter Motor Cable

$28.00 SGD

ZERO Motor Cable for ZERO 8, 9, 10, 10X, 8X ZERO 9 motor cable is different...


ZERO E-Scooters External Battery for ZERO VSETT

$820.00 SGD $899.00 SGD

External Parallel Battery Setup ***For Export Only*** Calling all battery range extenders! Double your range with...

Spare Parts

ZERO 11X 72V 1.5A Charger

$75.00 SGD

ZERO 11X Charger ZERO 11X 72V 1.5A Charger.  Not for sale in Singapore, not safety mark...

ZERO 11X Spring coil hydraulic Suspension 175mm eye to eye. Front and Rear suspension are the...

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ZERO 11X 11x3 inch Tube

$15.00 SGD

ZERO 11X Tube 11 x 3 inch inner tube

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11 inch Tires All Types

$25.00 SGD

11 x 3 inch Tires for ZERO 11X ZERO 11X Tire: 11 x 3.0 inches racing, street and...

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ZERO 11X 72V Throttle LCD

$50.00 SGD

ZERO 11X 72V Throttle LCD This is a different LCD from the rest of the models...

Spare Parts

ZERO 11X 72V Controller

$120.00 SGD

ZERO 11X 72V 45A Controller ZERO 11x Controller Original ZERO 11X 72V controller for front and...

Sp Battery

ZERO 11X 72V Battery

$1,140.00 SGD

ZERO 11X 72V 26Ah and 32Ah Battery (LG) Original ZERO 11X 72V battery Dimension 36cm x...

Spare Parts

ZERO 11X 11 inch 72V Motor

$250.00 SGD

11 inch motor 72V 1600W Motor for ZERO 11X Replacement 11 inch 72V 1600W motor for ZERO...

8 inch 10 inch 12 inch Honeycomb Airless Solid Tire for ZERO VSETT Fiido New 12 inch Wide...

Showing 17 - 32 of 189 results