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Spare Parts

Epique Bike 36V Controller

$65.00 SGD

EPIQUE E-BIKE 36V CONTROLLER Replacement 36V controller for the Epique Bike or any 36V Electronic Bike  Price does not...

Spare Parts

Dualtron Carry Tow Handle

$55.00 SGD

Carry/tow handle to be mounted onto the deck of the Dualtron Ultra for easy carrying of...

Allows the handle bar stem to be attached to the carbon fibre steering rod. Aluminium. Outer diameter...

Spare Parts

Dualtron Ultra 60V Controller

$156.00 SGD

Dualtron Ultra Version 2 60V controller box.  Controller A and B available.


Dualtron Carbon Fender

$120.00 SGD

Available by pre-order only. Dualtron Carbon Fiber Rear Fender for Dualtron Ultra or Dualtron Limited 2

Shimano Tourney Brake Caliper Specifications: Single piston brake caliper Reliable brake performance with smooth, light action...

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Spare Parts

Dualtron Ultra 12 inch Tube

$20.00 SGD

12 inch inner tube for Dualtron Ultra E-Scooter by Minimotors. Price does not include installation

Spare Parts

Dualtron Ultra 12-inch Road Tires

$70.00 SGD

12 inch road tire set (front and rear) for Dualtron Ultra. Prices does not include installation. ...

Tektro Hydraulic Brakes for Dualtron 2 Limited and Speedway This is an optional upgrade for Dualtron 2...

Spare Parts

Inokim Quick 3 10 x 2.5 inch Tyre

$50.00 SGD

Inokim Quick 3 10 x 2.5 inch CST Tyre. Max inflate pressure 45 PSI. Fits the Speedway 1,...

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Spare Parts

Speedway 36V Controller

$75.00 SGD

Replacement 36V controller for the Speedway Mini 3 and Speedway 2.  Price does not include installation. 

10" x 2.5 inch inner tube for Inokim Quick 3 and Speedway electric scooters. Spare part for Speedway...

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 results