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Electric Scooters

Fiido Seated Electric Scooter

$750.00 SGD $899.00 SGD

The Fiido electric scooter is one of the fixtures in the local electric scooter scene. Trusted...

Electric Scooters

DYU Seated E-Scooter

$599.00 SGD $999.00 SGD

Our new UL2272 Certified DYUs are in stock now. Check out what is different between a...

Electric Scooters

Minimotors Tempo V3 10AH E-Scooter

$850.00 SGD $988.00 SGD

Ever wanted a UL2272 certified high performance seated scooter? Look no further!   

Electric Scooters

Kobra Seated E-Scooter

$899.00 SGD $1,650.00 SGD

 This product is for sale to customer outside Singapore only. As it is not compliant to...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 results