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Spare Parts

10 inch High Speed Motor

$280.00 SGD

10 inch High Speed Hub Motor

11 inch x 3 inch Tires for ZERO 11X ZERO 11X Tire: 11 x 3.0 inches racing,...

Spare Parts

12 inch High Speed Motor

$360.00 SGD

12 inch 48V/52V/60V/72V High Speed & Hub Motor  

Spare Parts

12.5 x 2.25 inch CST Rhino Tire

$36.00 SGD

CST Rhino 12.5 inch Wide Tire


12V Waterproof Battery Pack

$75.00 SGD

This Battery pack can be mounted onto any bicycle or e-scooter handlebar with a velcro strap to...


1Touch Biometric Lock

$99.00 SGD

The 1Touch is a Biometric Lock for your Electric Scooter - added safety feature. It adds...

Spare Parts

8-inch Tire for ZERO 8

$30.00 SGD

ZERO 8 8-inch Front and Rear Tire  Here is some advice on how to change out...


Abus Facilo U-Lock

$55.00 SGD
Sold Out

Anatomic Wing Grips

$49.00 SGD

Screw handles with anatomical grip profile to support the ball of the thumb and integrated bulge...


BETO Water Bottle Holder

$18.00 SGD

With a quick release system and adjustable grips, the BETO Water Bottle Holder fits any electric...


Blinker Grips

$89.00 SGD

Electric Scooter / Bicycle grips with integrated LEDs which can be used as turning indicators and side...

Spare Parts

Dualtron Ultra 60V Controller

$156.00 SGD

Dualtron Ultra Version 2 60V controller box.  Controller A and B available.


DYU Rear Basket

$55.00 SGD

DYU rear basket for your DYU e-scooter.

Electric Scooters

DYU Seated E-Scooter

$599.00 SGD $999.00 SGD

Our new UL2272 Certified DYUs are in stock now. Check out what is different between a...


E Bike Safety Bundle

$289.00 SGD

E BIKE Safety Bundle (ONLY FOR LOCAL PURCHASE) - ON PROMO! ASK US bout it! Safety...


E-Scooter Carry Rack

$42.00 SGD

IN STOCK NOW! This e-scooter rear rack bracket can be installed on the Inokim Light, or...

Showing 1 - 16 of 258 results