48V 7Ah Battery Pack

$150.00 SGD

48V 7Ah Battery Upgrade Pack

Want to get more distance per charge from your electric scooter? We now have an external battery upgrade pack available for you to 2x your travel distance with your e-scooter.

Tianneng Battery Cells

This 48V battery upgrade is made up of Tianneng 2600mAh cells. It works as a secondary battery pack option to your electric scooter's primary battery source, which adds 25-30 km to the usual mileage.

Mounting Options

The battery can be mounted easily into a waterproof box or a waterproof bag which will fit onto your e-scooter. 

This battery pack can be customized to fit the Inokim Quick and other electric scooters like Speedway etc. 

Prices include installation and a 6 month warranty. Warranty does not cover water damage. 

Read our tutorial here for tips on proper maintenance to prolong your e-scooter battery life.