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E-Scooter Carry Handle

$45.00 SGD

Universal carry handle for electric scooters. This rugged carry handle fits onto the stem of most...


ERGON Grips GP1 Pro Racing Series

$59.00 SGD

The original ergonomic grip for touring and fitness cyclists! The worldwide leader in function, material and...

Sold Out

Anatomic Wing Grips

$49.00 SGD

Screw handles with anatomical grip profile to support the ball of the thumb and integrated bulge...


Kids Handlebar for EScooters

$48.00 SGD

Ferrying your little one to school? Here's a fun handlebar that can be easily mounted to...


Blinker Grips

$89.00 SGD

Electric Scooter / Bicycle grips with integrated LEDs which can be used as turning indicators and side...


Grip Rings

$32.00 SGD

Another fun and colorful accessory to go with your scooter is the Grip Rings by Spur...

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 results