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Kobra Seated E-Scooter

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 This product is for sale to customer outside Singapore only. As it is not compliant to the UL2272 requirements in Singapore

kobra seated e-scooter

The Most Comfortable Seated E-Scooter in the Market

Now with 500W Geared Brushless motor for additional Torque!

The Kobra seated electric scooter is the ideal long-range commuting scooter. Powerful, stable, comfortable and stylish, it takes you where you need to go.

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The powerful 500W peak-power motor accelerates with no hesitation, and a built-in cruise-control function allows you to maintain safe speeds effortlessly.

With a key-ignition, you can conveniently park the scooter without having to lock it.

You have not ridden anything like it before. Come test ride the Kobra in our showroom.

Watch a thorough review of the KOBRA by respected tech reviewer Ben Schmanke of AuthenTech.



Stable, comfortable and powerful

With a longer wheelbase than most stand-up scooters and large 12-inch wheels, the Kobra is perfect for mid to long range rides. Great for both the daily commute or the leisure ride.

Modern design

Striking yet understated at the same time, the Kobra looks at home anywhere in the city.

Key convenience

With motorbike-style key and ignition, the Kobra lets you park it for short periods without having to lock it as you go about your errands.

Everything at a glance

The LCD dashboard shows everything you need to know.

Headlights and tail light

A powerful headlight and built in tail lights increase your visibility at night.

Solid braking power

Bicycle riders will tell you that disc brakes give you more braking power than drum brakes. The Kobra is mounted with disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels.

Comfortable riding posture

Even though the Kobra has a high ground clearance that crosses humps without scraping the bottom, it maintains a very natural riding geometry that makes it easy to put your feet down when you stop.

The saddle of the Kobra is spacious and cushiony, supported by a rear spring suspension which absorbs whatever those bumpy roads throw at it. The rear suspension can be adjusted for stiffness if you find yourself bouncing around too much. 

Asymmetrical front fork

This modern design feature is usually found on high-end motorcycles, bicycles or electric scooters. It reduces weight and looks great at the same time. 

Read the full review and detailed discussion of the features of the Kobra at the SG Electric Scooters blog post.

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Motor 48V / 250W or 500W Brushless GEARED Motor
Battery 12Ah
Max Weight 100 Kg
Top Speed 30kmh (250W motor) / 35KM/H (500W motor)
Weight 22.5KG* (12Ah)
Max Range 45KM (12Ah)*
Charging Time 4-5 Hours
Tyres 12 inch Pneumatic Front & Rear
Braking System Front & Rear Disc Brake
Scooter Dimension (cm) 132 x 106 x 57
Box Dimension. (cm) 134 x 25 x 64 
1 year limited warranty

*the 12ah version is not compliant for use in Singapore.