Child Booster Stand for Electric Scooters

$25.00 SGD

The child booster stand raises the height of the deck so a young child can ride with you on the deck.

By standing on the booster stand, the child can hold on to the same handle bar as you, removing the need for "kiddy" handle bars.

The Booster stand can improve safety by allowing the child to stand with the neck and head higher than the handlebar. This reduces the chances of the child getting a neck or facial injury caused by impact against the handlebar / steering column in the case of a frontal collision.

The stand has a cleverly designed shape so it sacrifices practically no foot space for you while giving ample space for the child to stand on.

The stand affixes easily onto your scooter deck with self-adhesive velcro patches. It stay securely on your deck when the child is standing on it, but can be easily removed at any time.